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Vitrolite Specialist

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Full-Service Vitrolite Restoration & Repair

Call an expert in Vitrolite restoration and repair. Timothy J. Dunn serves clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Any Structure

Vitrolite is a highly versatile material with countless uses. It has been used in theaters, storefronts, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, and decor. At Vitrolite Specialist, we work on any structure or feature that contains Vitrolite.

Consultations & Surveys

Vitrolite is a durable, long-lasting material — but it does require maintenance and repair. We perform thorough surveys of Vitrolite and other structural glass in your building and provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the material. Our team can also train your staff in Vitrolite repair, restoration, and maintenance.

Vitrolite Salvage

The last Vitrolite manufacturers in the United States closed in the 1960s, so the only way to acquire Vitrolite for a building project is through salvage. If your building contains Vitrolite that you would like to salvage, contact us. We also sell salvaged Vitrolite in a wide range of colors.

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