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Frequently Asked Questions

At Vitrolite Specialist, we provide our clients with useful information about this unique material.

Learn more from our Vitrolite FAQ or contact us with any further questions.

What is Vitrolite?

Vitrolite is a pigmented structural glass used in home and building construction.

What do I do if I need Vitrolite?

If you need Vitrolite replaced or would like Vitrolite installed, send us the following items:

  • A Photo of the Project
  • A Sample (2" x 2") of the Glass You Need
  • A List of the Exact Sizes You Need for Your Project
  • A Hope and a Prayer That We Have It
  • Any Other Pertinent Information (Dates, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses)

What do I do if I want my Vitrolite salvaged?

Contact Timothy J. Dunn, the Vitrolite Specialist.