Apollo Theatre

Oberlin, Ohio
September 2009

The Apollo Theatre in Oberlin, Ohio was purchaced by Oberlin College in 2008 and plans formed immediately to restore this local landmark.

Vitrolite Specialist was called in to restore the glass facade by VIP Preservation Contractor of Cleveland, Ohio.

VIP restored the brick portion of the facade and Vitrolite Specialist then removed 60 percent of the Vitrolite facade of black with red and Suntan accent lines.

Vitrolite Specilaist reinstalled the Vitrolite, cleaned the metal trim including the ticket booth roof and metal fascia.

An unusual aspect of the facade was the use of Walnut Agate Vitrolite in the arcade, ticket booth, and interior lobby, foor to ceiling.

The day after we finished, Rhea Perlman, Danny Devito and other benefactors christened the theatre.

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