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Historic Structural Glass

Early Manufacture & Use

Historic Installation

Exterior Installation

Interior Installation

Reasons for Damage

Maintenance & Repair

Repair of Cement Joints

Reinstall Glass Panels

Removal of Glass

Replacement of Glass


As a nonveneer material, pigmented structural glass was generally used for counter and table tops and restroom partitions. Counter tops presented little or no unusual installation problems. Partitions, however, often involved formidable installation challenges; for example, enormous glass panels, weighing up to 16.25 pounds per square foot and measuring 1 inch to 1-1/4 inches in thickness were used. The desired thickness was obtained by cementing two 7/16 inch slabs together with mastic. To accommodate this heavy yet fragile load, a reinforced support and connection system was developed which utilized metal sleeves, iron anchors, and steel straps bolted directly into the glass panels.



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