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Historic Structural Glass

Early Manufacture & Use

Historic Installation

Exterior Installation

Interior Installation

Reasons for Damage

Maintenance & Repair

Repair of Cement Joints

Reinstall Glass Panels

Removal of Glass

Replacement of Glass

What is Vitrolite?

Vitrolite is a pigmented structural glass used in home and building construction.

What do I do if I need Vitrolite?

If you need Vitrolite replacement or would like Vitrolite installed, send the following to Tim Dunn, the Vitrolite Specialist:

  • A photo of the project
  • A sample (2" x 2") of the glass you need
  • A list of the exact sizes you need for your project
  • A hope and a prayer that I have it
  • Any other pertinent information (dates, telephone numbers, email addresses)

What do I do if I want my Vitrolite salvaged?

Contact Tim Dunn, the Vitrolite Specialist by emailing or calling (314) 645-4317